CNBB Communication Awards

The program "Faixa NEOJIBA" on Rádio Vida FM received the Silver Microphone award from the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil (CNBB).


Judiciary Merit Medal

NEOJIBA received the judiciary merit medal in Salvador.


Cantoritiba Awar

The NEOJIBA Youth Choir received the first prize in the "Classical Music" category at the 5th edition of the Cantoritiba Festival.


Nelson Mandela Award

In November 2019, the NEOJIBA Program received the Nelson Mandela Award from UNISOES (Union of Spiritualist, Philosophical, Scientific, and Religious Societies) at the Cultural Center of the City Council of Salvador.

Architecture and Urbanism Award

The architectural project for the revitalization of Parque do Queimado received the 14th Architecture and Urbanism Award from the National Federation of Architects and Urbanists.

Concerto 2019 Award (Popular Vote)

NEOJIBA ranked first in the 2019 Concerto Award, organized by Concerto Magazine, through public voting.