Training in technical areas

The NEOJIBA Program prepares teeenagers and young people to act in technical areas related to the musical rehearsals logistics and presentations, to create and maintain musical and digital collections and also for them to be able to do specialized maintenance and repair musical instruments. The activities are developed at the Atelier School of Lutheria, located in the neighborhood of Barbalho, in the city of Salvador, and in the Program’s Document and Memory Center (CDM, in Portuguese), which is housed in the NEOJIBA’s Territorial Center, located in neighborhood of Liberdade, also in Salvador.

Atelier School of Lutheria

In 2008, through a variety of international cooperation actions, the NEOJIBA Program started to plan the training for the first team of luthiers from Salvador. At this time, all NEOJIBA instruments were still repaired by other institutions, but some musicians from the 2 de Julho Orchestra showed interest in learning this profession.

In 2009, NEOJIBA sent some of them to Venezuela, so that they could get in direct contact with the El Sistema’s atelier of lutheria and initiate their learning in lutheria and archteria. The now, Center Coordinator, David Matos, was one of them, whom at the time was a lutheria student. In the end of 2009, NEOJIBA received the first collaboration visit of the swiss luthier André Marc in order to train our beneficiaries interested in this subject.

In 2010, David Matos, was sent to Swiss to continue his studies, and since then many other lutheria students were sent abroad.

From 2011 on the Atelier School of Lutheria (AEL, in Portuguese) began to receive scholarship students interested in learning this profession, making possible a constant growth for the NEOJIBA’s lutheria. In the year of 2014, the NEOJIBA’s atelier of lutheria began to work in the repair of wind instruments within the visit of the swiss luthier Olivier Rohrer, a representative of the “Musik Beat Zurkinden AG” corporation. In 2019, the AEL began to count on a team formed by 01 administrative coordinator, 02 area coordinators (the areas are related to the type of instruments repaired), 5 lutheria assistants and 18 schoolarship students aged from 18 to 25 years old.

Nowadays, the students benefited by AEL that finished their formation have the opportunity to be harnessed by the market through the workshops produced by NEOJIBA’s Territorial Centers, spreading the knowledgement acquired for all in the state of Bahia.

Coordination: David Matos


Address: Rua Monte Castelo, Barbalho, Salvador- BA

Physical and Digital Collection Center

The physical and Digital Collection Center train our young scholarship students to act as professionals in the field of Archivology and as musical copyists, also in the review, edit, maintenance and availability of scores collections and other materials physically and digitally supported, including CDs, DVDs and books. It’s also the NEOJIBA area responsible for keeping the Program’s Memory, reuniting its history and journey through the register of the activities done in audio, video, photos, articles, magazines, journals and newsletters.