If your company or the company you work for would like to sponsor NEOJIBA or provides a service that can help NEOJIBA in some way, we can discuss many ways for you to become a NEOJIBA partner not only financially, but through donation or exchange of goods or services.

Get in touch with us to talk about the possibilities!

Corporate Volunteering
Your company can collaborate with actions developed together with its collaborators!

Law of learning
The Institute for Social Development through Music is an entity authorized by the Ministry of Labor in the National Register of Professional Learning, within Law 10,097, known as the Apprenticeship Law, which establishes that medium and large companies must hire young people aged between 14 and 24 years as apprentices. This means that the company can fulfill its legal obligation through the NEOJIBA Learning Programs and thus contribute to the training of young people and to the social and economic development of Bahia.

Redes Sociais


R. Saldanha Marinho Nº 10-32, Bairro Liberdade
CEP: 40.323-010
Salvador, Bahia, Brasil
Telefone:(71) 3044-2959

R.Monte Castelo Nº 62, Bairro Barbalho
CEP: 40.301-210
Salvador, Bahia, Brasil
Telefone:(71) 3032-1073