Management Contract

NEOJIBA is a priority program of the Government of the State of Bahia linked to the Secretariat of Justice, Human Rights and Social Development (SJDHDS).

Created in 2007, the Program was published in 2009 with the purpose of achieving a more efficient management and enabling a more effective participation of civil society and companies for its maintenance. In the beggining, the Program was linked to the State Department of Culture, having migrated in 2014 to the Department of Justice, Human Rights and Social Development, due to the importance of the impact of social development on the lives of children, adolescents and young people benefited by the Program. From there, NEOJIBA started to be managed by a social organization.

Since 2009, the Government of the State of Bahia has been issuing bidding processes for the management of the Program, and the Institute for Social Development through Music (IDSM) won them three times - 2009/2014; 2014/2019; 2019/2022 - becoming responsible for the management of NEOJIBA through a Contract, which provides for the fulfillment of goals and deadlines and which has its own budget.

Public management monitors compliance with this Management Contract through an Evaluation Committee, which holds periodic meetings with the NEOJIBA Management Committee linked to IDSM, and through quarterly Technical Reports.

Here you will find all the documents related to this contract between the Government of the State of Bahia and the Institute of Social Development through Music for the realization of NEOJIBA.

2019 Management Contract

2014 Management Contract