Summary: Arrivederci Italia

Publicado em: 09/11/2014

The Italian leg of tour has come to an end! The Youth Orchestra is now going to the UK and we will sum up what happened in Italy, so that you do not miss anything from this wonderful tour.

Differing from the beginning of the tour, the orchestra moved around much more. In Switzerland, the orchestra was based in Montreux. In Italy, it was a different city every day. Travelling during the morning, rehearsing in the afternoon and playing at night; and repeating everything on the following day.

In Turin, the first city, the orchestra performed in the Lingotto Auditorium, which was previously a car factory and is now a modern complex focused in spreading culture. The concert was produced by the MITO festival, Torino Milano Festival Internazionale della Musica, one of the most famous in Italy. There, the orchestra performed for the first time the Tchaikovsky concert for piano and orchestra with the legendary pianist Martha Argerich, showing great engagement together. By public demand, the orchestra performed an encore of “Aquarela do Brasil” and “Tico Tico no Fubá”.

In Milan we received the news that the RAI, the well-recognized Italian radio, was going to cover the concert in its entirety. The concert was produced by the festival MITO, the same as Turin, in the Sala Giuseppe Verdi concert hall, which can accommodate up to 1.400 people. We had a full house.

The YOBA once again demonstrated great engagement with Martha Argerich, and together they played the Tchaikovsky’s Concert for Piano No.1

The audience enjoyed it so much that, in the encore, some even started dancing.

The Merano concert was the only one in Italy without Martha Argerich as soloist. In her place, the NEOJIBA director and conductor, Ricardo Castro, went to the piano to majestically play Rhapsody in Blue by Gershwin. The encore was very special, with Ricardo playing “Festa do Sertão” from the suite Ciclo Brasileiro by Villa Lobos, a piece he had not played in over 10 years. At the end of the concert, the young conductor Yuri Azevedo went on stage to conduct the orchestra for the encore.

September 13th was a very different and pleasant day for the YOBA. They had no concerts for the day and in the morning they received the excellent news that they were going to visit Venice. They visited several tourist attractions such as the Piazza San Marco and then they followed on to Salerno.

In Ravello, an interesting concert took place. The Belvedere di Villa Rufolo is an open air auditorium and the orchestra performed a concert not only spectacular for the ears, but also pleasant to the eyes. The audience was very thankful!

We ended the Italian leg in Rome with honors. The last concert in Italy and the last concert with Martha Argerich, was highly acclaimed by the legendary pianist, who expressed her wish to visit Bahia. The concert once again packed the Santa Cecilia Hall and the latter received compliments by our orchestra for its excellent acoustics.

With that, the Italian phase for the Youth Orchestra has ended and the orchestra will perform today, September 17th, at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, in London.