Statement by Domenico de Masi

Publicado em: 09/11/2014

Domenico de Masi is an Italian sociologist who became famous for his concept of “creative idleness”, highlighting idleness as a factor that stimulates personal creativity. Domenico, the author of several books and articles, has a strong relationship with Brazil and in 2010 received the title of honorary citizen of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

But what is a sociologist doing in a blog about music? The Italian is a great enthusiast of classic music and attended the Youth Orchestra’s concert in Rome. Very kindly, he agreed for us to publish his statement.

He started by stating that the concert in the evening of September 15th was wonderful. “I am a friend of Jose Abreu and know well the “El Sistema” orchestras, but the Youth Orchestra of Bahia is splendid!” he completed