Concert: London

Publicado em: 09/11/2014

In London, the YOBA and NEOJIBA had great media exposure through published articles in the Brazil Observer, which mentioned not only the performance that the Orchestra would do, but also the project of social integration through music that is developed by NEOJIBA (for the full article click here). In addition, a two page article by Neil Fisher, a music critic of The Times, approached in a very positive way the several aspects of NEOJIBA, including innovations such as the Plastic Orchestra project (read the article in english here).

The Youth Orchestra of Bahia performed its last concert of the European Tour 2014 at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, with the virtuosi percussionist Colin Currie as soloist in the execution of the piece riSE and fLY for percussion and orchestra, by Julia Wolf. During the rehearsals, Colin referred to the orchestra as “the most united and fantastic” he could find and donated his marimba to the Percussion Group of NEOJIBA. The presentation of the piece was applauded by a standing up audience.

In the second part of the program, the audience once again rose in a standing ovation for the execution of the Gustav Mahler Symphony n.1 “Titan”; this was followed by requests for an encore, which led the orchestra to perform Tico Tico no Fuba and Aquarela Brasileira with arrangements by Jamberê.