Concert for Two Pianos: Martha Argerich and Alexander Gurning

Publicado em: 09/11/2014

Sunday (September 7),

In addition to being the first concert with Martha Argerich and the only one with Alexander Gurning, the Youth Orchestra of Bahia performed one of the greatest international symphonic pieces: Gustav Mahler’s First Symphony. It was a full house once again, and the audience gave the Youth Orchestra of Bahia a standing ovation for several minutes at the end of the performance of this important, difficult, and emblematic symphony. As an inspiration for the performance of the piece, the orchestra took a boat ride through the Leman Lake to see the same landscape that inspired Mahler to write this symphony, which speaks of nature. The Concert for two pianos and the Poulenc orchestra, with Argerich and Gurning on the pianos, was also heavily applauded, and the public asked the two soloists for an encore. They played the third movement, Brazilian, by Scaramouche, composition for 2 pianos by Darius Milhaud. Rafael Campos, a percussionist in the Youth Orchestra, was invited to join the 2 pianos in the original composition, playing an extra part on the pandeiro.

In their words:

Rafael Campos:

“It was incredible for me; I don’t even know if I can express what I’m feeling right now. Actually she invited me in the rehearsal… What’s incredible is that the rehearsal was relaxed. Now in the concert I felt nervous, but things flowed […] now the penny dropped.”

Martha Argerich:

“I loved (being accompanied by the Youth Orchestra of Bahia), to tell you the truth. It was very good. They play with great passion and very well! The percussionist is fantastic!”

Alexander Gurning:

“I found the concert very touching. When we see someone who wasn’t expecting to be at the front of the stage in an unexpected situation, that also makes us want to play together. When I saw him, I saw a very touching human being.”
The concert was performed at 6:00 PM local time (1:00 PM Brasília time). It is the Youth Orchestra of Bahia’s second concert in residence at the Festival de Musique Classique Montreux-Vevey, and the second concert of the 2014 Europe Tour.