Colin Currie, a caring touch

Publicado em: 09/11/2014

Just before the concert later on at Queen Elizabeth Hall, Colin Currie went on stage to say some words to the orchestra, wearing a NEOJIBA shirt. Here is the statement he made, in an excellent Portuguese, moving and exciting all after the rehearsal:

“It is with great satisfaction that I start my festival with you (referring to the Metal, Wood, Skin: The Colin Currie Festival), there could not be a more united and fantastic orchestra than you”, he said. He continued by thanking the orchestra for providing him with inspiration to create music and wished a great concert to all.

And it did not stop there – after being applauded by the YOBA musicians, he donated his marimba do the NEOJIBA Percussion Group. “I hope to see you soon. I love you!” he added.

Thank you Colin Currie!

Click here for the complete audio.