Rede de Projetos Orquestrais da Bahia (Network of Orchestral Projects of Bahia)


The Rede de Projetos Orquestrais joins up 20 orchestral projects with children and teenagers in 17 cities in the State of Bahia, coming from 11 different regions, benefiting 2.500 people. NEOJIBA is the creator and the coordinator of the network, articulating the projects and offering pedagogical and management support to the participating institutions.
Within the network, NEOJIBA acts in the following fronts: pedagogical trips to the districts; enablement of youth multipliers in the countryside; pedagogical internships in the Center of Management and Professional Training; itinerant lutherie; stimulating the creation of regional orchestras, joining two or more projects in the same region of the state, and the enablement of managers in the areas of project conception, resources management, communications, etc.

Pedagogical Trips: Visits of NEOJIBA mentors to a partner project, to develop intensive activities related to concert music.

Enablement of Mentors: Preparation of the leadership of local groups for the multiplication of knowledge, promoting the “Learns he who Teaches”, one of the basic concepts of NEOJIBA.

Pedagogical Exchanges: Project members are hosted at the Center of Management and Professional Training, in Salvador, for pedagogical activities.

Lutherie: During the trips and the exchanges, NEOJIBA offers guidance on basic care, maintenance and repairs of musical instruments.

Regional Orchestras: Investment in the creation of regional orchestras, joining in the same activity, members of 2 or more groups of the same region of the state.

Meeting of Managers: Annual meeting of managers and collaborators from partner projects, to exchange experiences, planning, development activities and discussions of important themes for the management of their projects.

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