NEOJIBA in the Neighborhoods

NPO Bairro da Paz_by_Tatiana Golsman

The NEOJIBA nos Bairros Projects drive foundational actions from NEOJIBA to neighborhoods with Community Safety Bases in Salvador and its metropolitan area.
Similarly to the methodology applied in the Network of Orchestral Projects, the NEOJIBA in the Neighborhoods offers pedagogical and management support to existing musical projects, via workshops, public presentations, didactic concerts, master classes, actions for audience development, etc.
The NEOJIBA in the Neighborhoods is present at the following locations: Calabar; Santa Cruz; Nordeste; Chapada do Rio Vermelho; Fazenda Coutos; Bairro da Paz; Rio Sena; São Caetano; Itinga; Águas Claras; Uruguai and Liberdade. The Project supports 17 community-based musical projects, benefiting 1,150 children, teenagers and youth.

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