The Social Action For the Music Institute – IASPM (formerly the Association of Friends of Youth and Children’s Orchestras of Bahia and Neojibá -AOJIN) is a pioneering entity in Bahia in promoting social integration through orchestral and choral practice. Founded as a nonprofit corporation, was founded on September 10, 2008 to promote, encourage and support the orchestral practice and juvenile coral and collaborate with the development of Neojibá throughout the state, creating unprecedented opportunities for children, teens and youth in the state of Bahia and serving all segments of society.

Qualified as a Social Organization in the cultural area by the State Government of Bahia in 2009, since its inception, IASPM spared no effort to support the Neojibá financial resources, assignment of musical instruments and teaching materials, organization and financing of touring and workshops with teachers of international renown, and the recording of the first promotional DVDs. The IASPM is currently responsible for the management and development of Neojibá through a partnership process between State and Third Sector called “publicity”. The IASPM is the first Social Organization of the cultural area to enter into a Management Agreement with the government of Bahia and intend, through this partnership, to be an entity of international reference in the implementation of public policies in the area of social integration through music.

Endowed with an Executive Director and a pedagogical and technical-administrative staff highly qualified for orchestral centers management and development, the Institute receives funds from the State of Bahia for managing Neojibá, with greater administrative efficiency and can also raise funds and private partnerships for the benefit of the program, a factor essential for the expansion and creation of new centers in other locations in Salvador and municipalities in the state. The management model of Neojibá is inserted into the State Program for Social Organizations of the State of Bahia, based on Law No. 8647, of July 29, 2003 and Decree No 8890 of 21 January 2004.

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