Núcleo de Gestão e Formação Profissional – NGF (Center of Management and Professional Training)

The NGF is the main center of NEOJIBA, located in Salvador and responsible for the creation of the logistic and pedagogical structuring of all the other centers, including the pedagogical development of orchestral mentors and local choirs. This center amalgamates the management of the Program in the entire State of Bahia, coordinating the operation and development of the orchestras and the musical groups. The NGF is also where the members of NEOJIBA receive their training in the areas of instrument execution, choir singing, musical initiation, conducting, centers management, creation and management of musical and digital archives, radio broadcasting, maintenance and repair of musical instruments. Such training and skills allow the members of NEOJIBA to act as agents and multipliers, in the creation of the Orchestral Practice Centers in the State of Bahia. The NGF also supports the preparation and enablement of current teachers in the musical field of the State of Bahia, in addition to coordinating and managing the activities of the Atelier Escola de Lutheria  – AEL (Lutherie School Workshop) and the Centro de Documentação e Memória – CDM (Center of Documentation and Memory).

Núcleos de Prática Orquestral e Coral – NPO (Centers of Orchestral and Choir Practice)

These are centers created in the entire State of Bahia, in collaboration not only with governmental organizations, such as mayors’ officers and public schools, but also with non-government organizations, such as associations, institutes, companies and private schools. Each NPO has its own management structure and is responsible for applying, under supervision from the NGF, the founding principles of NEOJIBA – these include the creation and coordination of orchestral groups and choirs, offering musical education via the orchestral and choir practices, preparation of its members for auditions to join the NGF and lastly, disseminating its results to the population in its immediate surroundings.

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